Meet Tom

Hi, I’m Tom, owner/operator of Southern Pride Stain. I’m so glad you found me, because I know I can help you. Did you know that replacing your wood fence, deck or gazebo can be very costly? In fact, replacing your fence or deck is one of the most expensive replacements a homeowner can have.

Don’t waste your hard earned money replacing your fence or deck until you call us. I can help you preserve your valuable investment and keep it looking like new for years to come.

Did You Know?

Most pressure treated wood fences and decks are built with a maximum life expectancy of 10 to 15 years… IF no further maintenance is done. To make matters worse, here in the Great South we have extra humid, hot and sometimes harsh conditions that age wood faster than other areas of the country. During our steamy summer months, green algae and gray blue mold grow out of control on aging wood. The longer it stays on the wood, the more damage is done.

Replacing a fence is very costly, frequently averaging $22-$30 per foot to tear down the old fence, rebuild a new fence and professionally applying a long-lasting stain. The key to professional fence and deck restoration is to apply the stain to wood that has been properly cleaned. My services can offer huge savings over the cost of replacing a fence.

Southern Pride Stain specializes in restoring old gray weathered fences and decks using only professional grade premium oil-based stains. Even after years of neglect, we can “Make Your Fence and Deck Beautiful Again”! A properly stained and sealed fence or deck not only looks beautiful but it adds years of life to your outdoor investment.

How It Works

My service includes a phase one bio-degradable wood cleaning system that will not harm the wood or surrounding plant life. This process will clean away years of gray/black mold, mildew, nail/screw black drip stains and green moss growth. The photos below show a very old fence that I restored. Notice the middle section of the fence that was cleaned and brought back to the natural blond wood color.

As a resident of the CSRA for over a decade and owner of a pressure treated wood fence and pressure treated wood retaining wall system, I fully understand the financial and aesthetic benefits of having all outdoor wood structures professionally stained and sealed.



  • Fence Cleaning and Staining
  • Deck Repair/Restoration
  • Deck Cleaning and Staining
  • Outdoor Furniture Restoration
  • Pressure Washing
  • Fence/Gate Repairs
  • Wide Variety of Stain Colors
  • Oil Based Stains and Sealants
  • Patio and Pool Cement Coating